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SiteZone Proximity Warning System

Workplace transport is one of the most common causes of fatalities and serious injuries across many industries, with over 31 people killed in the UK in 2017 as result of being hit by a workplace vehicle* and 1500 major accidents per annum. Almost half of these involve being struck by a moving vehicle. SiteZone’s proximity warning safety system has been designed to help mitigate against such incident.

*Source: HSE

How does it work?

SiteZone uses radio frequency technology to generate an invisible field around the vehicle. If personnel wearing a PWS transponder enter the detection zone, an audible and visual alarm is triggered, alerting the machine operator that someone has breached the zone and also activating data recording of the zone breach.


  • Reduces the risk of workplace transport accidents
  • Complements existing safety
  • Data recording & analysis of any triggered incidences
  • Customisable zones & shapes including full 360°

Who can benefit from using SiteZone PWS?

  • Construction & civil engineering companies
  • Warehouses
  • Material handling sites
  • Waste & recycling facilities
  • Quarries & mines
  • Ports & depots

Why choose SiteZone Proximity Warning Safety System?

  • Configurable detection zones
  • Quick fit installation
  • Remote access to event logs via the internet
  • Long life transponders for low cost ownership
  • Fits most machines in most applications

Installation must be performed by a Sitezone Engineer.

Please contact [email protected] for further information or to place an order.

SiteZone Proximity Warning

SiteZone Proximity Warning

SiteZone Proximity Warning

SiteZone Proximity Warning