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On-site Safety Shop

A self-contained safety equipment shop can be deployed direct to your site. The benefits include keeping response times down, equipment availability up and the overall safety costs under control. Using RFID technology, this method is very efficient and therefore you and your contractors receive all the services of ESS in a cost and time efficient manner.


As market leaders in the rental of safety equipment, with over 40,000 items, we are able to deliver the largest quantities of equipment to meet even the most arduous demands. The quality and breadth of our safety and communications equipment ensures your budget is used in the most economical and efficient manner.


Critical to any major project is the control of the rental equipment. Without control costs can spiral and at ESS we want to ensure the rental is efficient, cost effective and within budget. With RFID tagging available for controlling the stock, you will never get any expensive surprises at the end of a project. In addition to managing your rental requirements ESS can also manage the issue of PPE on your behalf, using the same asset management system. This gives you full control over which contractors and employees can withdraw products from the Safety Shop. The asset management system can even be programmed with pre-set levels per person or company, again ensuring total cost control.


Breathing air cylinder trailers offer capacities in excess of 100 hours, alternatively where a diesel engine is permitted you can use breathing air compressors. ESS can also carry out on-site filling of the breathing air cylinder trailers.


With over 6,000 ATEX and standard two-way radios on our fleet, including back to back radios, combined with base stations and repeaters, we can ensure your site communications are robust and reliable. A full range of accessories are available including remote mics, ATEX headsets and leather holsters.


A full range of pressure testing equipment is available for pipework integrity testing. Supplied fully calibrated, certified and traceable to UKAS standards. The range includes test gauges, manual and mechanical pressure pumps and all the supporting accessories including manifolds and hoses.