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Introducing ESS Safeforce’s latest solutions for delivering top quality data – we now supply a range of intelligent Drones that can provide a comprehensive digital image of your project or site within minutes.

Digitalise your construction site, industrial plant and office premises and more with our range of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), also known as Drones, providing inspection and survey data including high resolution images, video and infra-red heat mapped imaging to support all stages of your projects from planning to completion. Capture, process and analyse millions of data points for accurate 3D digital modelling applications, with high quality image and video data to present your project in stunning high resolution. Drone, image and point cloud processing technology means you can quickly receive a complete accurate visualisations of your data for progress reporting and precise information in challenging environments and conditions.


High accuracy data is often required for planning and design phases, a professional quality Drone and camera system provides a stable platform and sharp high resolution imagery to perform topographic surveys, volume calculations, inspection, condition and progress reporting far quicker than using traditional means, increasing project productivity and reducing costs. Offering true resilience and adaptability in small spaces and problematic environments, our Drones are well-suited for demanding sites with their best-in-class sensors, automated flight functions, detailed data and automatic compensation for difficult flight conditions.


Capture an outstanding 3D visualisation from the air, all whilst attaining complete control on the ground. Drones are meticulously designed to perform inspection tasks, site monitoring or survey and mapping applications with their straight-forward set-up and ability to flight plan; users can input planned waypoints to autonomously fly and record data, to then generate exact 3D models and produce high resolution orthophotos. Anticipate faster completion of projects owing to a Drone’s powerful and smooth performance, obtaining critical data of your day-to-day work has never been so effortless.


Keep staff at a safe distance from danger at all times – Drones can access challenging areas that could prove detrimental to personnel. Surveying and inspecting from the air ensures tasks such as surveying, inspections and stockpile monitoring are completed safely with minimal risk to personnel.

Inaccessible terrain becomes a problem of the past as your team will be able to accurately achieve volumes of stockpiles, aggregates or topographical surveys whilst keeping productive and protected on the ground.

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