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Blackline G7c Gas Detector


As the world's first 3G connected gas detector with integrated lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools, the Blackline G7c is a real game-changer in safety monitoring. 

The G7c offers complete, real-time situational awareness as it automatically watches over personnel and calls for assistance - even if the wearer can't. 

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE: Receive a free dock on any unit order over 50, (Please note: this is for sales only and does not include gas and regulator.)

So how does the G7c work? Find out below. 

 Cellular network coverage - instant alerts, instant safety

That last true mile of connectivity to live monitoring could be what saves a life. Not only does the G7c operate via 3G communication in over 100 countries, this comprehensive gas detector also features an industrial two-way speakerphone that connects workers with live monitoring teams 24/7, even in noisy environments. 

Potential fall and no-motion events will automatically trigger a pending alarm, asking for confirmation of current status - the G7c will then escalate pending alarms to alerts - these alerts are then communicated to monitoring personnel. G7c’s red SOS latch lets users manually trigger a call for help when assistance is required, automatically connecting to the monitoring team.





Blackline Live web-based monitoring software - seamless, comprehensive safety
At the heart of the G7c system lies the revolutionary web monitoring portal - Blackline Live. Empower workers with complete confidence, as the device monitors the wearer's work environment and responds appropriately depending on the chosen configuration. Emergency protocols and device settings are easily configured in user accounts, prompting an optimised emergency response if necessary. 

With the unique ability to upload custom facility maps and floor plans, response times are greatly enhanced as rescuers will know the exact location of the wearer. 






Customisable gas detector - safety isn't 'one size fits all'

Tailor your G7c gas detector to specific work environments - choose between a single-gas or quad-gas cartridge. Then select from a range of gas sensors including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and explosive gases (LEL). Modularity means that the G7c can function as a single-gas detector as well as four-gas detector. Blackline’s gas sensor-as-a-service replacement programme helps teams maximise product up-time, ensuring seamless gas detection and safety monitoring whilst minimising maintenance costs.


Real-time reporting - rest easy as the G7c wirelessly collects gas readings & safety incidents

Whether workers are entering, escaping or working within a Confined Space, such as a vessel, chamber, tank, silo or pit, there is risk of serious injury or even death due to hazardous substances or unsafe working conditions. The G7c will be with personnel every step of the way, ensuring that everything - from gas readings and safety incidents to gas leaks and workers calling for help - is automatically communicated back to Blackline Live - the need for manual data collection is completely negated.

Be confident that no matter what the situation, even if the wearer becomes unable to call for help, aid will be on the way.  




User interface - easily accessible features for straightforward use

Gas readings, upcoming bump tests, calibration reminders, the list goes on... The G7c is packed full of easily accessible features that makes any work environment all the more safer. The brilliant LCD display can be effortlessly read, even in sunlight and low light conditions owing to its backlit capability. Easily navigate through the user-friendly menus, which also features text messaging and employee check-in requests, or utilise the integrated latch push button for instant personnel monitoring, simplified check-ins and alert management. 

Expect faultless reliance with the functional SureSafe® feature - a light that keeps the wearer updated on the current safety status. Green assures live monitoring, yellow lights accompanied by sound and vibration signal that G7c has a message for the user or is asking if they are okay and red lights with escalated sound and vibration indicate that assistance is needed or that a yellow alarm has not been responded to.

For more information or to hire your chosen configuration, please contact us on 0800 000 346 or email [email protected].