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Datum Line Paint Black 750ml - Set of 12

Permanent aerosol Datum Line Paints are suitable for permanently marking virtually all types of surface including concrete, gravel and grass.

The line paint is a blend of resins, solvents and colour pigment designed to cover with one application and ideal for either hand spot marking or applicator use for line marking both indoors and out. Surface dry in 20 - 30 minutes; completely cured in 24 hours.

The line marker paint deposits a tough, flexible coating, which is resistant to petrol greases and most chemicals. It is also unaffected by the extremes of climate and environmental abuse.

Comes in a set of 12 Black Datum Line Paint Cans at 750ml each. Also available in a variety of different colours - choose from Red/Blue/Green/White/Yellow/Black/Orange.

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Item Datum Line Paint Black 750ml - Set of 12
Each £30.00