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Leica NA532 Level

Leica NA532 on Tripod
Leica NA532 on Tripod
Leica NA532 Front View
Leica NA532 Level Side View

Get the best accuracy results with the Leica NA500 Level series. These optical levels have been developed to tackle every obstacle you may face on site and still perform to the highest quality.

Built to work in the toughest site conditions and designed to measure with top precision every time, the Leica NA532 Automatic Level provides 32x magnification and 1.6mm standard deviation for 1km double levelling.


  • 32x Magnification
  • 1.6mm Standard Deviation for 1km Double Levelling
  • Upright Telescope Image
  • 1.5kg Weight
  • IP56 Protection
  • ± 15' Working Range
  • <0.5" Setting Accuracy (standard deviation)