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4 in 1 Environment Meter

4 in 1 Environment Meter

This 4 in 1 Multi-function environment meter is a cost-effective introduction to aid conformance to health and safety in the work place. It measures Sound Levels, Light Levels, Humidity (%RH) and Temperature.

• Features

  • Electret condenser microphone for sound level measuring C frequency at fast response. •
  • Cosine corrected silicon diode sensor for lux Level. •
  • Semiconductor sensor for humidity measurements. •
  • K type input for °C/°F temperature measurements. •
  • Max hold retains current measured value. •
  • Max memory displays highest measured value since power on. •
  • Auto power off prolongs battery life. •
  • Low battery warning. •
  • Standard 4mm camera bush for tripod mounting. •
  • Supplied in a carry case with lux, RH and wire temperature sensors, battery and wind muffler.