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Protimeter Hygromaster - Moisture Meter

Protimeter Hygromaster

Versatile hygrometer that measures humidity, air temperature and dewpoint The Protimeter HygroMaster is an easy to use hygrometer with built in data logging capability.

The HygroMaster is a hand-held instrument for taking spot measurements and for logging humidity and temperature values. Quick measurements of relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio (grains per pound/parts per million by weight) and ambient temperature are shown on a split display at the touch of a button. Surface temperature measurements can also be measured with an optional surface temperature sensor, making this instrument especially suitable for condensation risk assessment and diagnosis.


  • Digital hygrometer.
  • Large clear LCD display.
  • Detachable sensor - measure the ERH value of walls and floors.
  • Relative humidity %RH.
  • Air temperature.
  • Dew point temperature.
  • Mixing ratio/absolute humidity/grains per pound.
  • Surface temperature.
  • Surface proximity to dew point.
  • Investigating dew point or condensation conditions.
  • HygroStick or Quickstick options.

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    Item Protimeter Hygromaster - Moisture Meter
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