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Leica NA2 Precise Level

Precision Levels for all your stringent requirements. The Leica NA2 automatic levels meet all the requirements of precision levelling.


  • Leica's top-class optical quality gives the NA2 a bright high contrast image.
  • Push button compensator check.
  • Endless horizontal drive for left and right handed users.
  • Coarse and fine focusing knob.
  • Play-free footscrews.
  • Optional eyepieces available.
  • Top-class optics.

    Technical Data NA2 Accuracy*
  • 0.7 mm (dependent on staff, technique).
  • 0.3 mm (with parallel-plate micrometer).

    Magnification standard: 32x
  • FOK73 eyepiece (optional): 40x.
  • Shortest focusing distance 1.6 m.
  • Compensator setting accuracy 0.3''.