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Leica Rod Eye 140 & Bracket

Leica Rod Eye 140
Leica Rod Eye 140
Leica Rod Eye 140

A high standard laser receiver, the Leica Rod Eye 140 Receiver is suited for general construction use. The Rod Eye detector has LCD indication on the front and back of the receiver and has three audio settings up to 105 decibels. With beam finder and out of beam display, the Rod Eye 140 is the efficient choice. With this Leica detector, the working diameter is 1,350m and the 12cm detection window can detect the beam over the whole distance.

The Leica Rod Eye 140 is designed for use in conjuction with one of our Leica Rugby Lasers.

The laser receiver comes with a rod eye bracket.


  • 1,350m working diameter
  • LCD indication
  • LED indication
  • Audio indication
  • Rod bracket
  • Beam finding
  • Out of beam display
  • Laser low battery
  • Protective casing