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Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter

Leica Disto D510
Leica Disto D510
Leica Disto D510
Leica Disto D510 Display
Leica Disto D510 Sketch App

NEW: The new Leica DISTO D510 Laser Distance Meter stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. The unique combination of digital Pointfinder and 360° tilt sensor allows measurements which are not possible with conventional distance meters. In addition, with Bluetooth® Smart and attractive free apps, you are prepared for the future.

Reliable & Precise Measuring: The Leica DISTO D510 is able to measure angles and also height differences with its 360° tilt sensor. In combination with the Pointfinder, the instrument offers amazing options for taking indirect measurements. Measurements can also be taken from objects that do not have a suitable reflective target point, for instance when measuring the height of a reflecting glass facade.

Smartphone & Tablet Collaboration: Bluetooth® Smart technology allows data transfer to smartphones and tablets via the free App Leica DISTO sketch. The DISTO sketch app allows you to directly transfer measuring data right into a sketch or photo via Bluetooth 4.0 technology onto devices such as a smart phone, tablet or android! Have a glance at all your sketches with an easy to use gallery which features a time stamp and geo-tagging so you can see when and where you created your sketches.

There is also a host of other Apps to allow you to work efficiently and avoid typing errors when recording measurement results.

User Friendly Sketching Technology: Allows you to create and precisely dimension sketches and pictures. The files can then be sent directly to the office. This simplifies and speeds up work flow.


  • Pointfinder with 4x zoom
  • IP65 water jet protection and dust-tight
  • 360° tilt sensor
  • Smart Horizontal Model
  • Height tracking.
  • Bluetooth® Smart
  • Measure up to 200 metres using Power Range Technology
  • Calibrated and very accurate ± 1mm (certificate included - ISO Standard 16331-1)
  • Easy outdoor measuring - using on screen camera targeting
  • Rugged - 100% waterproof and 2 metre drop tested (IP 65)
  • Flip-out end-piece with automatic position detection
  • Pythagoras functionality for tree heights, roof length and pitch, smart horizontal measuring
  • Free App - Leica DISTO sketch

    Package Includes

  • Leica DISTO D510 laser distance meter
  • Batteries
  • Hand loop
  • Holster

  • Code 10.2001
    Item Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter
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