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Leica Prisms

Our range of Leica Prisms are designed for the highest accuracy.

Products available to purchase include the Omni 19000 Series Mini Prism and Pole Set, Omni 36000 Mini Prism Set, Omni 34015 Mini Prism Set and the Omni Monitoring Prism.

If you would like further information on the Prisms we offer please contact our team on 0800 000 346.
Leica Type Single Prism Holder (40.2042)

The Leica GPH1 prism holder is suitable for the single circular prism GPR1.

Leica GPR1 Prism (40.2047)

The Leica GPR1 is a precision circular prism with anti-reflection coating.

Leica GMP111-0 Mini Prism Set (40.2049)

This Leica mini prism is ideal for use with total stations and comes seated in a polymer holder with ¼" thread fittings....

Leica GPR113 Prism (40.2114)

Moulded in a red polymer holder, the Leica GPR113 Circular Prism is suitable for use with the GZT4 target plate. The pri...

Leica GRZ4 360 Degree Prism (40.2150)

The Leica GRZ4 360 degree reflector prism is a light-weight, passive reflector suitable for all robotic TPS work perform...

Leica GRZ122 360 Degree Prism (40.2159)

The Leica GRZ122 360 Degree Prism is a light-weight, passive reflectors for use with robotic Total Stations.

Leica GZR3 Carrier (40.2220)

Position this rotatable carrier exactly over measurement points with the Leica GZR3 carrier's highly accurate optical pl...

Leica GLS12 Reflector Pole (80.5330)

The Leica GLS12 is an aluminium reflector pole that is suitable for use iwth the GRZ122 reflector and GNSS antenna. Grad...

Leica GMP111 Mini Prism Set - Basic (80.5530)

Supplied with circular bubble and GLS115 four-section pole and point, the GMP111 Mini Prism has an IR range of 2000m and...

Leica GPR111 Circular Prism (80.5532)

This circular prism provides good visibility with the large integrated plate. The Leica GPR111 is sealed in a red polyme...

Leica GRZ4 360 Degree Prism (80.5533)

This 360° prism reflector has an overall 3D pointing accuracy of 5mm, which can extend to better than 2mm when aiming on...

Leica GZR103 Carrier with Optical Plummet (80.5539)

The Leica GZR103 rotatable carrier is for use in tribrachs without plummet with the carrier's longitudinal bubble. The G...

Leica GPR112 Monitoring Prism (80.5583)

The Leica GPR112 includes a built in filter to stop condensation on the reflecting surface. The monitoring prism has a l...

Leica GSR111 Dual Strut Support (LC.667319)

The Leica GSR111 Dual Strut Support has two telescopic legs, making set ups faster. The GSR111 is suitable for Leica GLS...