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Leica GEB212 Lithium Ion Battery

Leica GEB212 Battery

The Leica GEB212 Li-Ion battery is designed with a high output and extended capacity 7.4V / 2.6Ah. The Leica GEB212 Battery replaces the previous Leica GEB211 Battery. Leica GEB212 batteries can be charged with a Leica GKL341 Battery Charger and are suitable for the following instruments:

  • Leica Builder Total Stations
  • Leica Flexline Total Stations
  • Leica Piper Pipe Lasers
  • Leica GPS/GNSS Receivers including RX900 / RX1200 / ATX900 / ATX1230
  • Leica VIVA CS10 and CS15 Field Controllers


  • Lithium Ion
  • High Output
  • Extended Capacity 7.4V / 2.6Ah