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Personal Gas Detection

Our huge range of personal gas detectors and monitors will allow you to operate in the toughest of industrial environments including hazardous areas and confined spaces. Ourl fleet includes a variety of single or multi-gas detectors, hosting compact, lightweight and robust designs, from simple alarm-only units to fully configurable and serviceable instruments. We sell the latest innovative gas detection instruments from the leading manufacturers including Dräger, Crowcon, MSA and many more. ESS Safeforce has everything you need to detect and alert you to dangerous levels of up to five different gases.
MSA Altair 4X Gas Monitor (CA.ALTAIR4)

The ALTAIR 4X Gas Detector is a tough, functional and reliable multi-gas detector which is user friendly and can detect ...

MSA Altair 4XR Multigas Detector (CA.ALTAIR4XR)

A reliable, rugged and real-time instrument, the MSA Altair 4XR Multi-gas Detector is capable of detecting levels of com...

Crowcon Clip H2S Monitor - Personal Gas Monitor (CA.H2SCLIP)

The Crowcon Clip H2S Monitor is designed and tested for use in extreme temperatures and offers maintenance free single g...

Crowcon Tetra 4 Personal Gas Detector (CA.T4FHOC)

The Tetra 4 is Crowcon's personal protection solution for alerting against the four most prevalent gas hazards including...

Draeger X-AM 2500 Gas Detector w/charger (CA.XAM2500.4)

The lightweight Draeger X-AM 2500 Gas Detector is a specially developed personal gas detector which features a combustib...