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Davit Arm Systems

Davit Arms are used when there is a requirement for a confined space entry which does not have a primary means of access, i.e. no tested access ladder or step irons. It can also be used for emergency standby for evacuating casualties. The Davit Arm is designed to routinely lower a person into the confined space, 'work position' them if required and then raise them back up upon completion of the work. Davit Arms have two safety back up systems; the first is the design of the 'man-riding' winch which has a built in fall arrest safety brake complete with a brake wear indicator and the second safety back up is a completely separate recovery block which is supplied as standard by ESS Safeforce. You should provide a safe way in and out of the confined space, wherever possible allowing quick, unobstructed and ready access. The means of escape must be suitable for use by the individual who enters the confined space so that they can quickly escape in an emergency.
Davit Arm System - Counterweight (CH.DAVIT)

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Davit Arm Trench System (CH.TRENCH)

The Davit Arm Trench System is ideal for man-riding and retrieval in open excavations or pits, where a cantilever system...

Genesi Side Entry Rescue Slider (HDAV.16)

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