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Noggin SmartChariot

Noggin SmartChariot

Noggin® configurations are designed to meet diverse exploration needs by allowing you to take your GPR into every environment and terrain on Earth. The SmartChariot provides vehicle-towed deployment of Noggin® 250, 500 or 1000 systems. It is ideal for surveys covering large, smooth, open areas that can be performed using a vehicle: roads, highway sections and bridges needing quick assessment, large parking lots, parking garages, and open fields such as golf courses and parks.


  • The SmartChariot attaches to a common trailer hitch on any vehicle: cars, trucks and vans, but also ATV?s (all-terrain vehicles), tractors and even bicycles and motorcycles can be used.
  • A wheel odometer to trigger data acquisition at default or user-defined intervals (step size) to provide uniform data coverage
  • Sensors & Software's unique DynaQ feature automatically adjusts data acquisition rates to the survey speed; providing dynamic stacking to maximize data quality
  • A mount for a GPS receiver (GPS optional)
  • Brackets to quickly swap between the Noggin® 250, 500 and 1000 systems
  • The ability to deploy two Noggins simultaneously: a Noggin® 500 and a Noggin® 1000
  • High and low tow hitch positions for any vehicle
  • Optional GPS for geo-referencing data
  • Durable fibreglass to eliminate signal interference
  • Ground coupled for maximum penetration
  • One or two Noggin sensor deployment
  • Optical odometer for precise positioning


  • The following optional items are available to customize the system for your needs.
  • GPS to provide geo-referenced coordinates linked to the data
  • Smaller or longer-life batteries depending on the time duration of measurements or portability requirements