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LMX 200 Enhanced GPR Cart

LMX 200 Enhanced GPR Cart
LMX 200 Enhanced GPR Cart
LMX 200 Enhanced GPR Cart
LMX 200 Enhanced GPR Cart
LMX 200 Enhanced GPR Cart

The LMX200 Enhanced incorporates all of the features of the premier Ground Penetrating Radar locating tool in the market today as well as providing access to data for advanced processing, analysis and reporting in the new, innovative EKKO Project software. Users can acquire geo-reference data, create depth slices on-site and wirelessly export all information in formatted reports.

The innovative 3D depth allows the user to find out the orientation of pipes and cables at different depths and outlines the extent of vaults, foundations and buried tanks even at complex sites.

  • LMX200 is capable of detecting more than just pipes and wires:
  • Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos cement
  • Concrete storm and sewer systems
  • Utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed
  • Underground storage tanks and drainage tiles
  • Septic system components
  • Non-utility structures such as vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads


  • Field interpretations
  • Map view on-site display
  • Screen captures
  • Geo-referencing output
  • USB data transfer
  • Internal GPS
  • On-site reports
  • High resolution touch screen
  • Optional external GPS
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Data analysis: in-field analysis
  • Signal enhancement: DynaQ stacking, DynaT spatial filtering
  • Data storage: 350km (>200 miles) of line data in internal memory
  • Size: 100 x 70 x 115cm
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Screen size: 21cm diagonal
  • Environmental: IP65
  • Depth: collects data to 8m (26ft)
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Enhanced upgrade package
  • EKKO Project Software