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Safety & Rescue Support


The definition of a Confined Space may vary and it’s potential to cause harm can change from one set of circumstances to another. Areas such as open topped tanks and vessels, closed or inadequately ventilated rooms, cellars, interiors of plant, machinery and vehicles are some examples of these. Some places may become Confined Spaces by the work that is being carried out, for others it is around the process that it is being used for.

There are a number of areas that you might encounter that can be considered a Confined Space under particular conditions. For example, a cabin on a building site would not normally be classified as a Confined Space but a cabin on a landfill site with the possible presence of methane and other harmful gases, could pose impending complications – put a gas fired heater inside and the ventilation would soon become inadequate and potentially fatal, therefore a Confined Space is created.

A number of people are killed in Confined Spaces each year within the UK. For that reason, no person at work should enter or carry out work in a Confined Space unless they and it have been prepared, in respect of sufficient arrangements being made for the rescue of persons in the event of an emergency.


  • An enclosed or partially enclosed space, above or below ground
  • Restricted access and/or egress points
  • Likelihood of poor ventilation
  • Possibility of hazardous gases, fumes, vapours or dusts being present
  • Atmosphere may be oxygen deficient or enriched
  • Normal working industrial hazards may be intensified (e.g. noise)
  • Engulfment or entrapment hazards may be present
  • Fire protection systems may be present
  • Liable to become flooded or have the presence of deep water


  • High risk and/or complex Confined Spaces?
  • Your organisation having enough experience and depth of knowledge to deal with Confined Spaces?
  • Ensuring your Confined Space entries are carried out to the safest standard possible?
  • Your rescue plan having enough resource for your own staff and/or the emergency services?
  • Adequacy of your risk assessment method statements and Safe Systems of Work?
  • Unknowingly breaking the law?
  • Meeting the responsibility placed upon you by your clients?

Let our Confined Space Safety & Rescue Specialists mitigate the burden on you by attending your site to assist with your Confined Space project. Our experts are best placed to offer you a variety of comprehensive and guaranteed services that can be specifically tailored to your project requirements.


  • Confined Space Entry & Safety Management – our experts will manage your project from start to finish, covering pre-project planning all the way through to project debriefing once the job is complete.
  • Confined Space Accompaniment – if your engineers are not confident in their skills to work in the Confined Space independently, one or more of our specialists will accompany your team whilst the work is carried out.
  • Confined Space Rescue – should an emergency situation arise and a rescue be required, our specialists will be on-hand with the required equipment to conduct not only a quick, but most importantly a safe, rescue.
  • ‘Top Man’ Service – one of our experts will be the ‘overseer’ of the Confined Space access and egress and will be responsible for the monitoring and recording of the project readings/reports from start to finish.
  • Compiling Safe Systems of Work - our specialists will be responsible for completing the Safe Systems of Work paperwork prior to the project commencing.
  • Compiling Risk Assessments – our experts will be responsible for completing the required risk assessments prior to the project commencing.
  • Extended Length Tunnel Working - 1km+ - if your project requires extended length tunnel working, our specialists will that the required equipment, such as radio communications and lighting, is provided and set-up correctly.
  • 24/7/365 Cover – our Safety and Rescue teams are available for planned projects or emergency call-outs every day of the year, no matter whether it is a weekday, weekend or bank holiday.
  • Pumping Out Service – should your manhole entry point be filled with water, our specialists are able to utilise a pumping system to empty it in order to render the space safe to enter.
  • All rescue units are fully equipped with the specialist equipment required – ESS provide the very best equipment available, including safety harnesses, gas detectors, tripods, winches and a variety of other project-specific equipment for up to eight entrants.


Our highly qualified and experienced team of Confined Space Safety and Rescue specialists have a genuine understanding of the issues faced within these challenging environments and are fully conversant with the requirements of the Confined Space regulations.

Qualified not only to manage, work and rescue in confined spaces, they are also trained and experienced in carrying out emergency medical treatment in accordance with NHS protocols including first aid and resuscitation.

For more information or to book one of our Safety & Rescue team please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 000 346.

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