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Smart Communicators

Our range of hand-held Smart Field Communicators are battery powered devices which establish secure two-way communications between Smart Transmitters and the user over the existing signal lines. This is extremely useful for simplifying maintenance by providing access to the field devices without a trip to the field. When the SMART communicator is connected to the transmitter signal lines at an accessible location anywhere from the control room to the transmitter, the operator can send data to and receive data from the transmitter's microprocessor.
Hart 475 Communicator (FB) (HART.4)

The Hart 475 Field Communicator is the latest unit available for the commissioning and calibration of field instrumentat...

HART TREX Communicator (HART.5)

The HART TREX Communicator expands the long line of Emerson handheld devices while adding new capabilities that adapt it...

Druck PV621-IS Multi-Function Calibrator Pneumatic Station (HPCL.44)

The Druck PV621-IS Multi-Function Calibrator Pneumatic Station combines an advanced multi-function calibrator and HART c...