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Specialist Comms and Accessories

At ESS Safeforce, we aim to meet the specific communication requirements of every individual customer, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and commitment that form the core of our company's ethos.

With our range of radios and specialist communication equipment, we can tailor each order around the demands that can occur with providing workable radio communications across all variety of sites and work areas. Whether to advise over the phone, or visit and provide on-site assistance, we have technical specialists to help.
Motorola GM340 - Mobile Two Way Radio (HCOM.17)

Where a central control / base is required for efficient two-way radio communication.

Portable Analogue Radio Repeater (HCOM.23)

The lightweight FRW-1 Radio Repeater is a wireless, battery powered solution which dramatically increases radio coverage...

Push To Talk (PTT) GSM Handset (HCOM.46)

Fundamentally this product is in a similar method to a twoway radio but instead of using repeater stations to cover more...

Satellite Phone Emergency Kit (HCOM.54)

When it comes to what you really need in a satellite phone, the Isat Phone Pro delivers. This is the first global handhe...

Iridium Extreme Push-To-Talk Satellite Phone (HCOM.68)

Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk makes the power of fast, simple and secure group communication available on the toughest, ...

Mototrbo SLR 5500 Digital and Analogue Repeater (HCOM.71)

Sleek, versatile, powerful - the next generation MOTOTRBO digital integrated voice and data UHF/VHF high-power repeater.

Pump Up Mast - 17m (HCOM.72)

The pneumatic telescopic mast provides the perfect platform to raise a multitude of different types of antenna to the re...

Mototrbo DM4600 Mobile Digital Two-way Radio (HCOM.73)

The Mototrbo DM4600 Mobile Digital Two-way Radio will transform your enterprise, delivering unrivaled voice and data com...


The Swatcom Multicom is an easy to use full-duplex, hands-free multi-user wireless system, that allows full natural conv...

Samcom CP-300 (HCOM.82)

Introducing the ideal solution for ultra-long range and management communications, the Samcom CP-300. Designed with poly...