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Automatic Levels

Have access to quick and accurate measurements with a Leica Automatic Level, the instrument to have in the building and construction field. Each Automatic Level on our fleet makes precision levelling and industrial measuring a simple task. ESS Safeforce stock models ranging from the Leica NA720 Auto Level to the Leica NA2, all instinctively designed for use when working on foundations, floors and driveways.
Leica NA720 Auto Level (SALV.11)

The Leica NA720 Auto Level is a robust automatic, optical level that defies the toughest of building-site environments. ...

Leica NA730 Precise Level (SALV.12)

The Leica NA730 is a precise level designed for use on a construction site. It is quick to set up and simple to use with...

Leica NA2 Precise Level (SALV.17)

The Leica NA2 is a universal, automatic level designed by highly experienced surveyors and development engineers to meet...