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Machine Control

What is Machine Control?
The use of technology based on GNSS, total stations and lasers to guide or to control a dozer or excavator. By the use of this technology you accurately guide and position the machine to improve efficiency and productivity, reducing your operating costs and optimising material usage and above all increasing your site safety. The use of machine control reduces the need for people to work in and around the equipment removing your staff away from the danger area.

There is a machine control digging solution to suit your changing needs. Move from a Leica Basic Digging System to Leica Geosystems' level and cross slope solution Leica iCON excavate 31. You can even upgrade to a complete Leica iCON excavate 41 3D solution using TPS and GNSS technology.

Integrated solutions are the key to success on every construction site
Asphalt, concrete or earth, shifting it or laying it. Whether you need simple laser height detection for excavators or need to control a concrete slipform paver to millimetres, ESS can help you optimise site productivity with a complete range of machine automation solutions.

To precisely stake out a construction site, perform control measurements, collect height and angle data, align concrete forms, install ceilings and partitions, lay gravity flow pipe, locate underground services or complete site preparation and earthworks - ESS provides the right instrument for your construction application.

The use of further technology similar to telematics allows the site engineer to remotely send data to and from the control box and when required provide remote assistance to the operator again negating the need to have an engineer wandering around site on foot. When site supervision is required, the use of the supervisor tool mounted inside a truck will provide the Engineer and site management real-time results from the field, providing accurate information to allow for decisions to be made quickly to ensure you optimise your fleet and improve your efficiency and productivity levels.

ESS Safeforce offer a full range of easy to use machine guidance systems. Combining a rotating laser or grade laser with an excavator mounted laser receiver and optional in cab display makes simple levelling and grading applications simpler, faster and more efficient.