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Rescue Stretchers

Reliable and suitable equipment during a rescue mission makes the ultimate difference between a life and death situation. ESS Safeforce provide industry standard stretchers to ensure stability before and during lifting for use in applications such as the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Mining, Industry and Emergency Rescue Services.
Rescue Stretcher (Neil Robertson) (HSTR.3)

Industry standard stretcher to ensure stability before and during lifting. The Neil Robertson's unique spliced slat desi...

Rescue Stretcher Troll (Roll Up) (HSTR.4)

Designed for confined space rescue and can be used either vertically or horizontally. The roll up rescue stretcher is fl...

Rescue Stretcher Ferno (Basket) C/w Lifting Bridle (HSTR.5)

Ideal for moving a casualty safely in almost any rescue situation. Providing full body protection, the rescue stretcher ...

Paraguard Rescue Stretcher (HSTR.6)

Compact and versatile the Paraguard Rescue Stretcher is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue...