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HAVWEAR - Personal Hand, Arm Vibration Protection

Havwear Vibration Protection Watch
Havwear Vibration Protection Watch

Regularly working with hand-held or hand-guided power tools can damage blood vessels, nerves and joints in the hand. By monitoring this exposure you can help towards protecting your employees from a permanent and disabling injury.

The HAVwear is wrist mounted to provide a truly personal monitoring experience. It calculates and displays in real-time HSE exposure points to inform the wearer of their exposure to vibration. Sound and vibration alerts also inform the wearer of incremental increases in exposure and action thresholds exceeded.

Tool Exposure

HSE exposure points are calculated using a tools pre-defi ned average vibration magnitude.

Personal Exposure

Real time wrist vibration experienced by the wearer is used to calculate personal exposure points. Whichever option you chose to calculate exposure points, tool usage and exposure data is collected and transmitted online to provide reports automatically. Managers can use these reports to identify exposure risks to help improve and measure risk reduction activity.

  • Select either personal measured vibration of the wrist or pre-defi ned tool vibration
  • Wrist mounted & communicates with tool tags to track tool use
  • Realtime calculation & display of HSE exposure points
  • Supports behavioural change towards HAVS risks
  • Operator alerted when personal EAV & ELV exposure values are being exceeded
  • 15 minute daily charge or 1 hour twice a week

    Product Features

  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +35°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20°C to +40°C
  • Memory - Up to 200 tool connections
  • Communications - Close range inductive data communication (13.56MHz)
  • Battery - Internal lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery
  • Charge Time - 15 minutes after a typical day use / 1 hour from full discharge
  • Battery life - Up to 3 days between charges & 1000 full charging cycles
  • Standards - EN302 291-2 v 1.1.1 Close Range Inductive Data Communications operating at 13.56MHz EN301 489-1 EN 301 489-3 EMC. EN60950-1 Electrical Safety. EN 60529 / IEC 529. Ingress protection to IP67
  • Dimensions - 37mm x 38mm x 15mm
  • Weight - 38g
  • LCD Screen Size - 17mm

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    Item HAVWEAR - Personal Hand, Arm Vibration Protection
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