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Flow Measuring Equipment

ESS Safeforce has a selection of Invasive and Non Invasive Flow Measuring Equipment including the Endress and Hauser Fieldcheck, Fluke 922, TSI PVM620, TSITA 440, TSI Air Flow Balometer and the TSI LCA 501.
TSI ProHood Capture PH731 Hood (HBAL.1)

The ProHood Capture PH731 Hood is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument designed for efficiently taking dir...

Endress & Hauser Fieldcheck - Flowmeter Simulator (HEFC.1)

The Endress & Hauser Fieldcheck is a flowmeter simulator designed for use on the Endress range of flowmeters. The Fieldc...

Katronics KF200 - Flowmeter (HFLM.2)

The Katronics KF200 is a hand-held, ultrasonic flowmeter designed for quick, non-invasive spot measurements of liquid or...

Katronics KF210 Flowmeter (HFLM.4)

The Katronic KF210 is an integrated clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter designed for use in situations where a reliable flow m...

Comdronics AC6 - Water Balance Meter (HPCL.5)

The Comdronic AC6 is a state-of-the-art water balance meter that can carry out differential pressure measurements on wat...