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Thickness Meters

Available for short and long term rental, our range of thickness meters are ideal for measuring the thickness of materials and/or their coatings.
Cygnus Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Tester (HTHI.10)

The Cygnus 1 is an intrinsically safe, multiple echo ultrasonic digital thickness gauge designed for measuring metal thi...

Elcometer 456 Substrate Thickness Meter (HTHI.5)

The Elcomponent 456 is a coating thickness gauge designed for use when measuring the thickness of paints and similar coa...

Baugh & Weedon Audit 207 UT Thickness Gauge (HTHI.9)

The Baugh & Weedon Audit 207 UT Thickness Gauge is designed with measurement accuracy and durability in mind. It is the ...