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Micro Ohmeters

Chauvin Arnoux 6240 - Micro Ohmmeter (HDCT.1)

The Chauvin Arnoux 6240 is designed for the quick detection of any deterioration between two contact points.

Programma MOM600 - Micro Ohmmeter (HDCT.10)

The Programma MOM600 is a world class microhmeter designed to measure contact resistances in high voltage breakers, disc...

DLRO 10HD Micro Ohmmeter (HDCT.2)

The Megger DLRO 10HD is a micro-ohmmeter that is equally at home in the laboratory, the workshop, or in the field, on a ...

T&R DMO200 - Micro Ohmmeter (HDCT.6)

The DMO200 is a high current micro-ohmmeter suitable for measuring very low resistances in a wide range of applications....

T&R DSM200 - Micro Ohmmeter (HDCT.8)

The T&R DSM200 is a high current microhmeter designed to measure very low resistances in a wide range of applications.

Megger DLRO600 - Micro Ohmmeter (HDCT.9)

The Megger DLRO600 is a micro-ohmmeter designed to conduct tests on both resistive and inductive material. This is a ver...