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Digital Radios

At ESS Safeforce, we aim to meet the specific communication requirements of every individual customer, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and commitment that form the core of our company's ethos. With our range of radios, we can tailor each order around the demands that can occur with providing workable radio communications across all variety of sites and work areas. Whether to advise over the phone, or visit and provide on-site assistance, we have technical specialists to help.

Benefits of Digital Communication
In today's modern world, communication is the key to success. All around the world, technology allows us to stay in touch and have immediate access to data and information on demand.

Radio communications is no exception. Digital two-way radio provides clearer voice quality, extended battery life, in-built GPS and tracking solutions, text messaging and data transfer applications. But beyond the use of brand new IP67 rated handsets, digital radio solutions now offer so much more than just a means to talk.