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VLF TAN Delta Testers

Our range of cable testing equipment can verify a cables AC voltage withstand capability via Very Low Frequency (VLF) testing. We also stock instruments capable of Tan Delta testing which is a diagnostic test which indicates the degree of cable insulation degradation.
HVA28TD VLF High Voltage Test Set (HVLF.1)

Ultra-compact and universal VLF High Voltage Test Set with integrated TD Diagnostics.

B2 HVA60 - High Voltage Test Set (HVLF.2)

The B2 HVA 60 is one of the smallest, lightest and most advanced universal high voltage test instrument available, suita...

B2 HVA94 VLF Tester (HVLF.4)

Very Low Frequency (VLF) testing is performed to verify a cables AC voltage withstand capability. It is simply a pass/fa...

B2 HVA45TD VLF Tan Delta Tester (HVLF.7)

The b2 electronic HVA45TD is an ultra-compact and lightweight VLF Test set with integrated Tan Delta (TD) Diagnostics, i...