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C.A.T. 3+ with Strike Alert - Cable Locator

Buried cables represent a major hazard to excavations. The C.A.T 3+ is designed to locate these services so that they can be avoided. The C.A.T 3+ can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services or the Genny can be used to apply a distinctive signal that the C.A.T 3+ can detect. The CAT 3+ has the added benefit of Active Depth feature with a ± 10%accuracy.

Although work practices and guidelines insist power cables are buried below a certain depth, a common cause of cable strike is shallow cables. The StrikeAlert feature alerts the user to shallow power cables by flashing the ALERT icon on the display of the C.A.T 3+.

The C.A.T and Genny has become the industry standard pipe and cable avoidance tool, recognised as the leader providing performance, ruggedness and reliability, together with affordability and low cost of ownership.


  • Operates effectively in congested sites, and sites with overhead cables
  • Network Rail approved
  • Locates up to 3m of depth (Radio mode: 2m max)
  • Simultaneous scanning of power, radio and genny mode
  • Powered by just 2 x D Size Batteries
  • Dynamic range: 120dB (@ 10Hz bandwidth)
  • Selectivity: 141dBrms /?Hz
  • Sensitivity: 5x10-15 Tesla (32,768Hz, 1Hz bandwidth)
  • 'Real Sound' - the sound you hear is derived from the signal radiating from the pipe or cable Ideal for those with little experience in distinguishing signal noise from random background noise