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Overcome workplace challenges with our range of single use, reusable and powered air respirators. Designed specifically to protect users from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapours and gases, we supply models renowned for their comfort and efficiency. Select from our wide range of respirators from leading manufacturers such as Scott Safety, MSA and Draeger.
MSA Motion Scout - Respirator (HDXU.3)

The next generation of stand-alone personal alert safety systems the MSA Motion Scout detects the cessation of bodily mo...

Scott Spirit Powered Respirator (HPDR.14)

Introducing the next generation of powered air respirators, the Spirit range offers an advanced level of electronic cont...

3M Versaflo Powered Respirator (HPDR.15)

The 3M Versaflo Powered Respirator is a highly versatile approach to worker protection systems based on comfort and ease...

MSA Turbo-Flo Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus (HPDR.2)

The Turbo-Flo Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus is designed for two-man use and supplies the wearers with fresh air from out...

Powercap Infinity Respirator (HPDR.30)

Introducing the PowerCap® Infinity® - decades of innovation brings us the game changer in Rail RPE and PPE protection.

Draeger X-Plore 8500 Powered Respirator (HPDR.37)

Challenging workplace conditions demand reliable solutions. The Draeger X-plore® 8500 offers a new level of intuitive ha...

Draeger X-plore 7500 Powered Respirator (HPDR.4)

The Draeger X-plore 7500 Powered Respirator provides unsurpassed protection, comfort and safety without breathing resist...

Martindale Turbo-flo Fresh Air 2 Man (HPDR.46)

Scott ProFlow 2 EX Powered Respirator (HPDR.6)

The Scott Safety's Proflow 2 Ex is for applications where potentially explosive atmosphere require an intrinsically safe...