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Draeger PSS5000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Draeger PA94 BA Set
Draeger PA94 BA Set
Draeger Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Application
Draeger PSS 5000 BA Set

The Draeger PA94, PSS 5000 and PSS 3000 are designed for professional use when working where smoke or toxic gases are present. Weight is concentrated on the hips, which is proven to reduce backstrain, stress and fatigue. The harness has shoulder padding and an optional waist pad which provides extra comfort.


  • Lightweight composite cylinder c/w protective cover
  • 9 litre 207 bar cylinder capacity - full duration
  • 45 mins (nominal)
  • 90dBa constant sound whistle down to 10 bar
  • Complies to EN137

  • Oil & Gas Upstream
  • Petrochem & Refining
  • Turnarounds & Shutdowns
  • Industrial Safety, Mining & Tunnelling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy & Marine
  • Water
  • Asbestos
  • Offshore