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VJ-ADV 6.9mm Articulating Video Endoscope

VJ-ADV 6.9mm Articulating Video Endoscope
VJ-ADV 6.9mm Articulating Video Endoscope
VJ Advanced Articulating Video Endoscope

The VJ-ADV is an all-in-one system that combines a 4-way Articulating Video Borescope with an on-board imaging system. Jpeg images can be captured with the click of a button whilst another button allows the user to start and stop video recording. The intuitive control panel allows users to review stored images and video on the 3.5" TFT monitor. Users can also view and record images on a laptop via the USB port, or use a standard television monitor plugged into the RCA/NTSC output. The removable Micro SD flash memory card can also transfer images/videos to your computer.

The VJ-ADV features a 2X digital zoom - a single control panel button switches the on-board display to a 2X digital zoom to allow the user a clearer image.

A temperature sensor measures and displays the internal temperature of the camera module and delivers a two stage visual warning this aiding prevention of damage to the scope from overheating. Voice recording is now possible by connecting the hands free microphone allowing audio annotation of the inspection. Playback of audio is also possible through the microphone earpiece.

This instrument has four super bright, adjustable (to four levels) LED's and a flash option which will deliver a 0.1 second burst of high intensity light to allow the user to take a photo of an especially dark area similar to the flash on a camera.


  • 6.9mm external diameter
  • 1.5m, 3m or 5m working shaft lengths
  • 4-way articulation
  • Focal distance 15mm to infinity
  • High intensity LED's allow every detail to be illuminated
  • 1 hour of video recording on 1GB Micro SD card
  • Battery: 2 hours typical usage
  • Weight: 20oz

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    Item VJ-ADV 6.9mm Articulating Video Endoscope
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