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HART TREX Communicator

HART Trex Communicator
HART Trex Communicator
HART Trex Communicator Front View
HART Trex Communicator Back View

The HART TREX Communicator expands the long line of Emerson handheld devices while adding new capabilities that adapt it to consumer expectations for mobile device functionality.

Technicians working with a Trex Communicator won't waste time bringing device back to the shop for analysis or configuration, problems with Foundation Fieldbus and HART devices can be diagnosed in the field while the devices are still installed. Simple issues can be addressed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary, and potentially destructive, invasive physical investigation of the problem.

Technicians require powerful and portable diagnostic tools so that they can identify and troubleshoot device issues to minimise process upsets. With a Trex Communicator in hand, users can properly diagnose device issues in the field. With the right handheld device, maintenance teams will experience significant savings in work hours and peace of mind knowing that problems will be fixed quickly and properly first time.

Once changes are made in the field, AMS Trex will automatically synchronise the information with the AMS Device Manager database via WiFi or USB connection.

Rugged & Reliable

The Trex is designed to withstand harsh conditions in and around manufacturing facilities. It is easy to hold and yet designed to take the bumps and drops that come from normal use in the plant. The Trex Communicator is protected against moisture and extreme temperatures, allowing users to work regardless of environmental conditions.

Adjustable Display

The Trex Communicator features a 5.7" resistive touchscreen display for easy use with bulky work gloves and an adjustable backlit screen allows users to adapt the device to bright sunlight or dark environments, ensuring the display can always be read.

An App for That

The Trex Communicator includes Upgrade Studio, a PC application to help keep the Trex unit up-to-date with new software and apps. Other apps include: Field Communicator, Loop Diagnostics, Fieldbus Diagnostics, Valvelink Mobile and Trex Help.

Designed for Use

The Trex Communicator is designed for comfortable, one-handed, all-day operation in the field, it is packaged in an evenly-balanced form factor with a rugged hand strap so that users can easily hold it, even when working in tight spaces.

Intrinsically Safe

The Trex Communicator is built to go wherever users may require, unlike consumer mobile devices that cannot be taken into hazardous environments without shutting down the process, the Trex Communicator meets global Intrinsic Safety requirements: ATEX, CSA (USA/Canada), IECEx and FISCO.

Power the Loop

The Trex Communicator includes built-in functionality to power a device, simply connect the communicator to an instrument to power it.

Auto Sync

The Auto Sync technology in AMS Trex helps maintain data integrity in users AMS Device Manager Database without any technician intervention. Every change made in the field is automatically recorded and time-stamped.


  • Powerful diagnostics
  • Weight - 2.9lbs approx.
  • Keypad - 4 arrow buttons to navigate menus
  • Battery - rechargeable Lithium-Ion power module
  • Battery life - 8+ hours typical usage
  • Charge time - 3 to 4 hours