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Hart 475 Communicator (FB)

HART 475 Communicator

The Hart 475 Field Communicator is the latest unit available for the commissioning and calibration of field instrumentation. The 475 Field Communicator is intrinsically safe and is designed for tough use in your plant or mill. Its large keys and physical navigation buttons allow for one-handed operation, even with your work gloves on. The rugged design enables the instrument to withstand the knocks and shocks from normal use in the plant.

The touchscreen display uses transflective technology, making it easy to read in both bright sunlight and normal lighting. Together with the large physical navigations buttons, these provide for efficient use both on the bench and in the field.

Using powerful EDDL technology, this instrument allows you to read data from field devices in a graphical manner. Graphs, charts, gauges and images are just a few of the ways in which important device data can be displayed using the 475 Field Communicators colour LCD display.


  • Battery life: 20 hours - continuous use / 40 hours - typical use / 80 hours - standby mode
  • Memory: Internal Flash - 32 MB / System Card - 1 GB secure digital card / RAM - 32 MB
  • Protective rubber boot for additional protection in the field
  • Powerful field diagnostics
  • Bluetooth® communication
  • Full-colour graphical user interface - 1/4 VGA (240 by 320 pixels) colour, 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) transflective display with touchscreen
  • Weight: approximately 1.65 lb. (0.75kg) with battery