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Diligence EV 5 Logger Kit

Diligence EV 5 Logger Kit

The Diligence EV 5 Logger Kit is made up of five stand-alone units, designed to be a complete solution for the measurement of temperature, humidity or mA current. They are small enough to enable use just about anywhere where regular monitoring is required.


  • LCD Screen allowing instant local checks on current readings & alarms
  • Large memory capacity with wraparound for real-time & historic data collection
  • Alarm indication lights instantly warn of potentially unsafe conditions allowing instant corrective action
  • Water & dust-proof with a protection rating of IP67
  • Lumberg connector provides secure connection of a wide range of Comark probes
  • Battery life up to five years enabling logging assignments over extended periods
  • Download & analyse data with EV software

    Package Includes

  • General use logger software
  • USB computer interface
  • Multilink box
  • Adapter cables to connect to Type K & Type T probes
  • Adapter cable to connect N2015 loggers to a sensor transmitter
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Lithium battery with case seal