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Jofra CTC 660 Dry Block Calibrator

Jofra CTC 660

Designed for on-site use, the Jofra CTC 660 is a fast and reliable dry block temperature calibrator. This instrument covers a wide temperature range from 28 to 660°C (82 to 1220°F) enabling it to cover almost all standard industrial temperature calibration applications. It also comprises a purpose-dedicated temperature regulator which provides a quick heating and cooling time as well as a short stabilization time. The Jofra CTC Series is the most accurate in the industrial class temperature calibrator market.

The Jofra CTC 660 has a built in, easy to read and very informative colour display that gives the user a complete overview of the calibration task they are performing. The instrument also features a purpose-dedicated temperature regulator that provides a quick heating and cooling time as well as a short stabilisation time.

The CTC can be run in two modes when using the external reference sensor. "External Ref" mode is where the external reference sensor represents the True Value and the "Set follows True" mode is where the reference sensor serves two purposes: measuring the reference temperature whilst simultaneously controlling the block temperature to the set temperature.


  • Users can run the calibration in four ways: Set Function, Preset Mode, Auto Switch Test & Auto Stepping
  • A signal input for an external reference sensor making it possible to improve accuracy even more
  • Multi-sensor calibration
  • Plug & play reference sensors
  • IRI - Intelligent Recalibration Information
  • Broad range of inserts
  • Reference sensor protection
  • Silent mode operation
  • Easy to carry & transport with handle placed away from heat-zone
  • Weight: CTC-660 6.1 kg / 13.4 lb
  • Dimension L x W x H: 248x148x305 mm / 9.76x5.83x12.01 in

    Package Includes

  • Mains power cable (user specified)
  • Traceable certificate - temperature performance
  • Tool for insertion tubes
  • User guide
  • Test cables (1 x red, 1 x black)
  • USB cable
  • JofraCal calibration software
  • Protective carrying case
  • Heat sheild

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    Item Jofra CTC 660 Dry Block Calibrator
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