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Push To Talk (PTT) GSM Handset

Push to Talk GSM Handset

Fundamentally this product is in a similar method to a twoway radio but instead of using repeater stations to cover more than local distances, it uses the GSM mobile phone network. The result is that the user gets instant talk with an individual or a call group over any distance, as long as it is covered by the GSM network. It is ideal for a mobile workforce or different sites across the UK that need to talk instantly one to one or to several users simultaneously.


  • Combines benefits of two-way radio with the vast coverage of the mobile phone network
  • Ideal for businesses or any organisation where employees need to stay in regular & close contact with each other & is an efficient way for businesses to communicate with remote workforces
  • With no need to dial telephone numbers it is a fast & efficient real time communications tool which is simple to use, offering instant communication at the push of a button either on a one-to-one basis or as a broadcast to a group of people
  • Rugged - ideal for site use IP54 protected
  • No need for a repeater infrastructure
  • Comes complete with 1GB data card. Usage above that is chargeable

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    Item Push To Talk (PTT) GSM Handset
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