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Leica Builder 109 Theodolite - Total Station

Leica Builder 109 Theodolite

The Leica Builder 109 Theodolite is able to work reliably in all weather conditions allowing high levels of accuracy and functionality.

With a laser plummet for simple and fast setup over control line, dual axis compensation for accurate plumbing, endless drives eliminating steps, audible notice for 90° turns, graphical levelling aid for fast and convenient setup and IP55 rating, the Leica Builder 109 is an outstanding Theodolite.


  • Magnification 30x
  • Minimum focus 1.5m
  • Angle accuracy 6"
  • Display LCD
  • Battery Life 20 hrs - rechargeable
  • Sector Beep
  • Accuracy/Option: 9"/6"
  • Single function switch key
  • Weight: 4.4kg

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    Item Leica Builder 109 Theodolite - Total Station
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