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Keller Leo Record Datalogger

Keller Leo Record Data Logger

The Keller Leo Record Datalogger is a precision digital monitor with digital display designed to record pressure and temperature over long periods.The instrument is approved per IECEx for use in hazardous areas.


  • High measuring accuracy, resolution & robustness
  • High data security due to the use of a non-volatile memory
  • Non-volatile memory capable of holiding up to 57,000 values
  • Memory can store installation data & comments regarding the measuring station
  • Display of the actual pressure & the record status
  • Recording of the pressure & temperature
  • Combination of event-controlled recording & interval recording prevents unnecessary data being recorded (i.e. only measuring the pressure changes)
  • Pressure connection with G1/4- thread
  • Available in the following ranges: 100 millibar, 3 bar, 30 bar, 300 bar, & 700 bar