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Druck ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester

Druck ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester
Druck ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester
Druck ADTS553f Pitot Static Tester - Close Up
Druck ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester
Druck ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester

The ADTS553F air data test set is a portable three-channel flightline pitot static tester. It provides pitot static air data validation, leak testing, fault-finding and avionics instrumentation testing for any aircraft requiring angle of attack two off static-controlled channels, in addition to a pitot test channel. The ADTS553F can also be used as a standard two-channel flightline air data test set.

Bluetooth technology with a remote touch/swipe screen, hand terminal to provide an easy-to-use, compliant, portable and accurate solution to pitot static instrumentation testing of light aircraft and helicopters on the flightline and in the hangar.

The ADTS542F consists of a base unit that can be battery-powered or plug-in, with a separate hand terminal, which is paired with the base by Bluetooth technology or cable. As a result, operation is remote and, when wireless, there is no need to run cables to the cockpit. The terminal's color screen user-interface employs swipe technology and its intuitive touch menu, which offers a choice of languages and allows operators to scroll quickly through the tasks. All test sequences can be saved and recalled, with rapid access to parameters such as altitude, rate of climb, calibrated air speed and true air speed.

The new ADTS instruments have an altitude range of -3,000 to +60,000 feet and an airspeed range of 20 to 650 knots. A range of optional accessories is available including an ADTS backpack, hoses and adaptors.


  • ADTS Touch hand terminal with Bluetooth® wireless technology (backup cable supplied)
  • Swipe action touch screen user interface with the colour graphics and menu
  • Uses standard icons and layouts for routine testing
  • Can be used as a two or three channel air data test set
  • Multiple languages
  • High flow proportional pressure control technology
  • Low airspeed option
  • TERPS high accuracy pressure sensors inside
  • Accuracy suitable for RVSM validation
  • 15-month accuracy for low cost of ownership
  • Optional 18-month accuracy for increased savings on the cost of ownership
  • Engine Pressure Ratio option
  • Stores customised aircraft test sequences
  • Large capacity pressure / vacuum pump
  • Retrospectively upgradable to four channels
  • Accessories bag
  • Optional second slave ADTS
  • Touch hand terminal
  • Optional accessories: ADTS Touch carry case, hoses and adaptors
  • GE ADTS global service support
  • 24-month warranty period
  • Bluetooth@ Swipe screen DRUCK technology ADTS553F at a glance

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