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Leica Sprinter Digital Level

Leica Sprinter Digital Level
Leica Sprinter Digital Level
Leica Sprinter Digital Level Application
Leica Sprinter Digital Level Application
Leica Sprinter Digital Level Application

The Leica Sprinter is an accurate electronic level that automatically determines height and distance, providing error-free measurements and readings perfect for advanced construction levelling tasks. The instrument is lightweight and compact making them an easy tool to use and transport.

The built in memory feature allows for 1000 measurement readings to be stored and then transferred to a PC via USB for extra calculations. The different calculation options gives you a high level of flexibility.

Operation of the Leica Sprinter is straight forward, with one-button digital levelling it is able to learn and operate quickly and the results are displayed almost instantly. The instrument is also dust and waterproof enabling it to be used in the most difficult of environments.

Delta Height
Calculates the height difference between points. Enter your benchmark, measure your backsight and then your various targets (foresights) for accurate calculations. The delta height is always calculated and clearly displayed.

Line Levelling
Whether you only have back and foresights or even intermediate sights, choose the line levelling job you need. Enter your starting benchmark, measure your backsights, intermediate sights and foresights until you have reached your final point. All measurements are stored in the appropriate and convenient order.

Cut and Fill
This on-board application indicates the cut and fill results based on a reference level. Enter your required reference level and benchmark. Take the backsight and start measuring. The program displays now the cut and fill results, height differences, compared to your reference level.


  • Magnification level: 24X
  • Height accuracy: 2.0mm
  • Measuring range: 2m to 100m
  • Distance accuracy: >10m Dx0 .001
  • Magnetically damped compensator
  • Water-tightness and dust-tightness: IP55
  • Weight: 2.5kg

    Package Includes:

  • Leica Sprinter 250m Digital Level
  • 4x AA Batteries
  • Carry Case
  • User Manual