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Leica LMR360 Machine Control Receiver

Leica LMR360 Machine Control Receiver

These receivers are designed to aid a wide range of digging applications by providing users with on-grade indication for maximum accuracy. The Leica LR360 is compatible with all makes and models of excavator, including long reach machines, dual boom machines and backhoes. High-precision saves time, over-digging and backfill material costs.


  • Increases site safety gets the banksman away from the machine or out of the trench
  • Increases productivity no more stopping work to check excavation depth
  • Intuitive, simple operation no manuals needed
  • Works with any rotating laser
  • Mounting: Magnetic/Clamps
  • Accuracy: (fine) 6mm / (coarse) 12mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Environmental: IP67
  • Remote range: 30m
  • Reception: 360°
  • Capture window: 25cm
  • Battery type/hours: NiMH/30

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    Item Leica LMR360 Machine Control Receiver
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