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Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser

Leica Piper 100
Leica Piper 100
Leica Piper 100 Laser
Pipe Laser

The Leica Piper laser is one of the world's most adaptable pipe lasers perfect for use in storm or sanitary sewer construction, gravity pipelines and anywhere that grade and line are required in a single beam.

Powerful and compact, the Leica Piper is the only pipe laser that fits inside a 100mm (4") pipe. It is easy to use with a heavy duty trivet with an easy grip handle, heavy base and clear markings on the pole to adjust and set the height.

Its unique design and wide stable base ensure the Piper easy to set up even in the smallest invert and with the large, clear display with easy to read grade numbers, line indication, battery status, and level indication, this laser is very user-friendly.


  • Optional scope and mount kit for above ground setups
  • The Piper is 100 % waterproof with a positive pressure nitrogen seal
  • -10% - +25% grade range
  • Self-levelling range: -15 % to +30 %
  • Off level warning
  • Line and grade locks
  • Lighted pivot point
  • Strobe mode for increased visibility
  • Battery life: 40hours
  • Battery saving mode
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Water-tightness and dust-tightness: IPX8
  • Dimensions: 96 mm x 267 mm (3.8 in x 10.5 in)
  • Weight: 2kg