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Leica Roteo 35G Green Beam Laser

Leica Roteo 35G
Leica Roteo 35G
Leica Roteo 35G
Leica Roteo 35G Front View
Leica Roteo 35G Side View

The Leica Roteo 35G is a truly multi-talented performer. The pioneering green laser beam is four times more visible to the human eye ensuring the best possible visibility even in the brightest of conditions or over long distances.

The Leica Roteo 35G incorporates all of the same features as the Leica Roteo 35 with the addition of the green beam laser. Built-in features such as the motorised wall mount allow the Leica Roteo35 to be positioned on the wall and moved backwards and forward easily using the combined controller/detector unit, allowing the user to quickly complete the job in hand.

The laser can also be positioned at any angle between 0° and 90°, eliminating any issues that might be faced with working on stairs or roof pitches. With the vertical 360° reference plane and plumb beam, layout is simplified therefore ensuring the user can work accurately and efficiently on interior works.


  • Operating range (rotating beam) up to 150 m (500ft) radius with laser receiver
  • Self-levelling accuracy ± 3 mm at 30m (± 1/8" at 100 ft)
  • Battery life 25 hours (rechargeable), up to 40 hours (alkaline batteries)
  • Protection class of IP54 (dust and splash-proof)
  • 90° plumb beam
  • Motorized wall mounT
  • Self-leveling range ± 4.5°
  • Rotating speed: variable (5-settings)
  • Operating range (rotating beam) up to 150 m (500 ft) radius with laser receiver
  • Dimensions: 189 × 136 × 208 mm (7.4 × 5.4 × 8.2'') (without wall mount bracket)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)


  • Building walls and ceilings
  • Right angle marking
  • Alignment of windows and partitions
  • Roof pitches and stairs
  • Double floor levelling
  • Positioning drywall components

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