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Leica Rugby 410 Dual Grade Laser

Leica Rugby 410 Dual Grade Laser
Leica Rugby 410 Dual Grade Laser
Leica Rugby 410 Dual Grade Laser

The Leica Rugby 410 Dual Grade Laser is perfect for any general construction work whether the job be large or small.

Thanks to features such as the five-button keypad, this grade laser makes foundation setting easy. Also fitted with 'superior power management', this instrument is able to working without interruption for up to 130 hours.

The addition of the full-function long-range two-way remote control saves time and reduces communication errors from inside or outside the cab of the machine and the high-power laser beam provides enhanced distance performance.


  • Range: 800m
  • Accurate to +/-1.6mm at 30m
  • Elevation alert - monitors the height to prevent elevation errors
  • Rating IPX7
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Wind sensitivity settings enabling it to be put to work under adverse conditions
  • Beam mask
  • Remote control - 225m range
  • Battery life: up to 130 hours
  • Power-saving mode allowing longer operation times
  • Long-range two-way remote control to reduce communication errors
  • Feature access control using the 5-button concept


  • Building pads, parking lots and runways.
  • Precise depth control for sub-base and fine grade excavation.
  • Agricultural applications such as land levelling or tiling.
  • Concrete forming and framework.
  • Retention ponds and batters.
  • Setting foundations and footings.
  • Absolute compatibility with the widest range of machine control solutions.

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