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Sokkia LV1 Plumb Laser

Sokkia LV1 Plumb Laser

The Sokkia LV1 high precision plumb laser has twin laser beams (upward and downward), offering the highest level of plumb precision in its class: ±5" above and ±1' below.

Since laser beams are directed both up and down, it is easy to locate points vertically above and directly below a given reference point. Also, the small-diameter of the visible beam (7mm upward, 2mm downward) facilitates positioning.

The water-resistant feature enables this plumb laser to be used in all-weather conditions and most environments. This instrument also has a choice of three power supplies. With just four alkaline batteries, the Sokkia LV1 can operate for up to 80 hours while a rechargeable battery pack allows for 30 hours continuous use or, if you have access to an AC power supply, you can use the AC adapter.


  • Laser class: Class 2
  • Measuring range: Upward - 100m/328ft & Downward - 5m/16.4ft
  • Self-levelling range: ±5
  • Wavelength: 635nm
  • Precision pendulum compensator for high reliability
  • Precision Laser Plummet (5 sec acc.)
  • Water-tightness and dust-tightness: IPX4
  • Automatic switch-off after 30 minutes of non-usage
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Very easy to transport
  • Dimensions: W194 x D150 x H240
  • Weight: 2.5kg