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Venturi Cone RV1500 - Air Mover

Venturi Cones are high output ventilators for confined spaces and are ideal for improving atmospheric conditions in hazardous locations. You can easily operate these air movers on compressed air or saturated steam lines limited to pressures of 100 PSI.

They operate on the Venturi principle of using small volumes of high velocity air (from a compressed source) pushing the air through the cone body creating entrained air (pulling action) that induces large volumes of low velocity air through the cone and out of the diffuser.

The only set up required is running a line from the compressor or steam source and connecting it to the inlet fitting.


  • Intrinsically safe for use in adverse or explosive atmospheres when used with optional static cord
  • Pneumatic (compressed air) or saturated steam powered
  • Crush & dent resistant, anti-static, polyethylene cone
  • Cylindrical mixing chamber delivers higher induction ratios
  • Fits standard API 3"/7cm and 6"/15cm openings
  • No moving parts / requires minimum maintenance

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    Item Venturi Cone RV1500 - Air Mover
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