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Crowcon Area Gas Detector

Crowcon Area Gas Detector

A transportable, free-standing multi-gas monitor, based on the proven Triple Plus. It provides area monitoring for four gas channels and provides a loud and highly visible warning in order that a whole area can be alerted to a gas hazard.

Detectors can be linked together to produce an even larger monitoring area. Each Crowcon Detective is supplied with 10m of interconnecting cable, charger and comes complete with on board data-logging.


  • High intensity LED clusters warn of hazard
  • Linked detectors all alarm on gas hazard
  • Uniquely rugged tripod construction
  • Detectors are fully protected, even if device is overturned
  • Raised detectors prevent water ingress
  • Large 4 gas, simultaneous text display
  • Light, stackable design for easy transportation
  • All rental fleet Crowcon Detectives are long duration
  • Suitable for use in Zone 1