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Kane 458 Flue Gas Analyser


As used by leading boiler manufacturers, the Kane 458 is ideal for commissioning, servicing and installing commercial and domestic boilers. Building on from the features of the previous model Kane 455, the Kane 458 can be used install, service and perform safety checks on a variety of domestic, oil or gas appliances. This advanced model can achieve combustion efficiency and performance checks, as well as check flue draught and the level of CO present around an appliance and/or in a room. With the ability to measure differential temperature, the Kane 458 features a high-accuracy differential pressure meter (+/- 80mbar) and can directly detect CO2 with its infrared sensor.

The Kane 458 is able to measure:

  • CO - H2 compensated CO sensor is accurate to 4000ppm.
  • O2 0-21%.
  • NO (high/low optional upgrade).
  • High accuracy differential pressure.
  • Differential temperature.

    The Kane is suitable for several applications:
  • Installation, commisioning & servicing of domestic/commercial oil, gas biomass applications.
  • Safety Checks:
    - CO in a roomor around an appliance.
    - Combustion performance checks.
    - Combustion efficiency checks.
    - Flue draught.

    Kit options
  • KIT - KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer & carry bag.
  • PRO KIT - As KIT plus GLD/450plus gas leak detector, KAL1 air liquid temperature probe, pressure hose & 2 x KPCP clmap-on pipe temperature probes & carry bag.
  • CPA1 KIT - As PRO KIT plus ASP2 appliance sampling probe kit, 12v in vehicle charger, in a large carry bag.

  • H2 compensated CO sensor is accurate to 4000ppm.
  • Easy-to-use 16 position rotary dial.
  • High accuracy manometer & differential temperature measurement.
  • Multi-fuel: Natural gas, Propane, Butane, LPG, Light Oils (28/35 sec) and wood pellets.
  • Separate reportsfor: combustion, pressure let-by & tightness temperature CO build up.
  • Battery life typically 12+ hours.